Windwerk Services

Wind turbines are exposed to enormous stress during their lifetime. Not eliminated deficiencies may affect their performance. To always high availability to achieve a reliable power production and maximum current income, regular maintenance and dependent monitoring by experienced operational leader is indispensable.

Why wind farm services are so important


Wind and solar farms are now important and in future the relevant power plants of the power supply of a country. Modern large farms consist of highly complex machines and require more than ever the professional management.


As operator you have to enforce your interests to manufacturers and maintenance companies. Neglected deadlines or lack of knowledge of technical coherences can quickly result in expensive consequences. To make the right decisions, it takes know-how and many years of experience with different types of machinery.

Wind farm monitoring

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Substantial cost reduction due to conscientious monitorings

We represent your interests in dealing with manufacturers and maintenance companies and monitor your plants around the clock. Our regular reporting ensures that you are always kept informed about the state of your wind farm and the work of your service providers. You do not need special technical know-how and can fully concentrate on your investment.


Details about our Monitoring Services
Our offer

Our monitoring offers are custom-tailored and depend on the maintenance concept used in your project. We offer our services for all service scenarios, for example:

Full maintenance contract

We check the execution of the service provider on a daily basis and close „gaps“, if any.

Basic maintenance contract

We take care of the daily operative wind farm management, supervise the basic maintenance, and commission preventive measures and repairs as required. As a result operating costs can be significantly reduced and expensive maintenance contracts.


Our Services in Detail
  • reporting according to your preferences
  • 24 hour remote monitoring of the plants
  • on-call service to faults
  • coordination of fault clearances
  • monitoring of defect removal
  • collection and ongoing analysis of operating data
  • performance evaluations (availability and power curve analysis)
  • monitoring of requirements from the building permit and operating authorization
  • control of maintenance companies
  • assertion of claims against manufacturers or maintenance companies

Technical inspections and Assessments

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Inspections help to protect your warranty claims

Wind turbines are subject to extreme strain. Weather effects can cause massive damage which may impede, or even preclude, operation. Technical inspections help to obtain clarity on the current status of the turbine, identify defects as early as possible, and as a result avoid costly consequential damage. This minimizes the maintenance effort, ensures a long service life of the machinery, and improves availability.


Details about our Technical Services
Our offer

As independent experts we will assist and advise you across the whole of the lifecycle of wind power plants.


Our Services in Detail
  • Technical inspections of wind turbines
  • Rotor blade inspections (by rope access technology or by telescope)
  • Blade angle measurements
  • Quality control during production process
  • Assistance in the construction phase
  • Damage appraisal and damage analysis

Consulting and Due Dilligence

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Consulting Generates Added Value

Important for the successful construction, operation and purchase or sale of wind farms are fair contractual regulations. Contracts are often complex due to manifold technical descriptions and may be designed one-sidedly to the detriment of the operator, a factor which can then put him at a financial disadvantage. The knowledge and implementation of appropriate regulations in your contracts by our legal and technical experts give you security.


Details about our Consulting Services
Our Offer

We evaluate assets and performance of your renewable energy investment. Our consulting embraces design and optimization of contracts and provides recommendations for improvements of your operation.


Our Services in Detail
  • Performance Quick-check: analysis of all relevant and available operation, production, and status data (evaluation of performance curves, loss of income, error codes etc.)
  • Advice on contractual arrangement with manufacturers and service providers regarding both existing and new contracts
  • Due Diligence: integral evaluation of your plant e.g. in the event of purchase, sale ordamage.
  • Support of claim settlement, especially with insurance companies.