The DGE group is active in Europe and South America and has many years of experience with the design, construction and operation of wind and solar farms. It currently manages 600 wind turbines from different manufacturers and several large solar parks with a total capacity of around 800 MW. Parks of all sizes are currently in development. Below are some examples of wind and solar farms, which are currently supervisioned.

Wind- and Solar Farms under management

Total Power of managed Wind- und solar farms
Number of plants under technical management
Number of years of experience of the DGE Group
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Windfarm-Portfolio in Eastern Germany

The DGE Group is supporting a portfolio of four wind farms in eastern germany which do have a capacity of 61.5 Megawatt alltogether and produce around 110 Million kWh of electricty each year. The windfarms consists out of 41 maschines and were built in 2003.

The basic data at a glance

  • Plant type: Senvion (Suzlon) MD 70/77
  • Installed capacity: 61.5 MW
  • Annual average electricity generation: 110 million KW h
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Windfarm in France

One of the wind farms in France supported by the DGE Group is located in the Picardy region. It has a capacity of 25.3 Megawatt and a electricity production of around 50 Million kWh per year. The windfarm consists out of eleven 2.3 MW Enercon maschines.

The basic data at a glance

  • Plant type: Enercon E70
  • Installed capacity: 25.3 MW
  • Annual average electricity generation: 50 million KW h
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Solar farm in Chile

This project was made by TRITEC-Intervento under the EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction), offering a full service “turnkey”. Funding for the project was supported by CORFO and the Undersecretary of Energy and has been made with the company Icafal Investments as partner TRITEC-Intervento. This system will supply an important part of the electricity consumption of the plant Sewage Treatment Calama, “TRATACAL” which will pay the kWh produced by the photovoltaic plant in the form of a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) contract.

The basic data at a glance

  • Plant type: JA Solar 260
  • Capacity: 1.007 kWp
  • Annual average electricity generation: 2 million kWh