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October 12, 2022

Service Innovation : Blade Angle Measurement

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In August 2022, WINDWERK carried out a service to measure the aerodynamic 0° of the blades of the prototype of the WEG AGW 147/4.2 wind turbine, installed in the city of Tubarão/SC, for the customer WEG Equipamentos Elétricos.

The activity is an innovative service that seeks to evaluate and correct possible deviations resulting from assembly and/or wear that affect the performance of wind turbines. After evaluating and correcting the angle, the customer has the garantee that the blades of their wind turbines will be aligned according to the project, bringing greater efficiency and, consequently, production gains.

The service performed involved synergy between the WINDWERK engineering team in Florianópolis and specialist technicians in the field, which was divided into two phases:

Field activities: Installation of reference marking on each of the blades, through descent via rappel. From the reference marking, installed at a specific point on the blade, high resolution images were acquired for further analysis and verification.

Evaluation: From the images acquired in the field, the WINDWERK engineering team, with the support of the German specialist partner, evaluated the objective results and presented, through a technical report, the necessary adjustment angle for each of the blades.

We thank you for the trust in our services and wish success in your endeavors. We make our partnership available for new projects!

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